Getting The UK Off Zoom And Onto Ski Zoom
Published on
September 7, 2022
5 minute read

The Challenge

Ski Zoom is a multi million dollar travel  business founded by ex Secret Escapes entrepreneur Marcus Blunt. They help you build your perfect ski break by enabling you to easily search thousands of cheap flights, accommodation options and all the other essentials in one place saving you time, money and hassle.

Like all travel businesses they were badly impacted by COVID restrictions but wanted to make sure they responded fast when the time came to capitalise on the opening up of travel when the time came

Traktion was briefed to provide fast access to an all round paid media expert who could quickly get their Google ads optimised to capitalise on the fast growth in search post pandemic.

The Talent

Meet Rob one of Traktion's top paid search experts when Rob’s not on holiday in Greece he’s helping Ski Zoom generate hyper growth with in sales through his advanced Google strategies.

We matched Rob for the Ski Zoom assignment because because he’s got 10 years experience working in some of the top UK growth marketing agencies managing multi million £ budgets. He has worked with some large/advanced brands including Decathlon and Freeman's and is great at transferring that big brand knowledge to scale ups and start ups. He’s also has loads of travel experience so understands the vertical well.

He’s a certified Google practitioner and also holds an effectiveness certification from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising as well as an MSC in Marketing.

The Results

Rob introduced smart approach to automation that maximised data running through the account top optimise on site conversion performance.

He also introduced a new match type strategy to capitalise on emerging top of funnel search behaviour for the category.

These tactics led to a significant improvement on previous marketing results; beating their post pandemic forecast by 100% while delivering sales 33% more efficiently.

Uplift Vs Forecast
Improvement In Efficiency
Match Type Strategy

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