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Fiverr Alternatives: 10 Options for Hiring Freelance Talent Online

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September 9, 2021

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Where is the best place to source freelance talent online? With so many options now available, any single answer is challenging to find. Instead, your choice will be determined by the skills you require, the complexity and duration of the given tasks, your budget – and plenty of other factors, too. There’s a lot to consider – and a successful project will depend on your decision.

Fiverr is one of the most popular options for hiring freelancers online. With nearly a million freelancers on its books, there’ll no doubt be talent there that suits your needs. Among all that diversity, though, the trick is to find it – and to find the quality that you are after too. This is where Fiverr can struggle: Fiverr’s USP is to get cheap contractors quickly, and we all know that low cost doesn’t always mean good value. 

While, for those on a tight budget, Fiverr can work wonders, talent marketplaces don’t need to be like this.

Here, we look at some of the Fiverr alternatives that you should consider when hiring – along with their key features and USPs. And while most are dedicated freelancer platforms, we’ve thrown some other options in there for you too.

7 Fiverr Alternatives for High Quality Freelancers

Fiverr may be one of the best-known talent marketplaces on the internet. However, with so many alternatives now out there – offering specialist talent, vetted freelancers, and new ways to connect with the right talent for you – you needn’t think it’s your only option.

Here are 7 of the best Fiverr alternatives around – so you can find the best solution for your needs.

#1: Traktion – The Place for World-Class Marketing Talent

If it’s freelance marketing talent that you are after, there’s no better place than Traktion. We connect businesses to the top 5% of digital marketing talent worldwide – offering specialist skills in everything from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Like Fiverr, Traktion provides a platform on which you can hire, communicate with, and pay freelancers. Yet, there’s an important difference: we’ve screened the expertise, values, and language skills of all our marketers ourselves. This way, you can be assured that you’re getting the quality you need – and the right fit for your business.

Find Marketing Talent on Traktion

Finding a marketing freelancer on Traktion is simple. Fill out a Smart Brief – including details of the sort of person you are looking for and the aims of your campaign – and we’ll do the rest. We’ll match you with three vetted marketers, whose skills are backed by real data from previous campaigns.

Traktion is free to use for hiring companies. And, once you’ve hired, you can track the results of your marketing campaigns through our smart dashboard too.

Key Features

#2: Upwork

Perhaps the most famous alternative to Fiverr, Upwork claims to be the most-used platform through which to hire freelancers online. If Fiverr hosts freelancers primarily offering one-off gigs across a range of skill categories, Upwork tends to have freelancers seeking longer-term and higher-paying contracts.

You’ll find a huge diversity of talent on Upwork – from personal assistants to copywriters and software developers – but expect a huge variety in quality too. Like Fiverr, the site does not screen talent itself.

However, recent changes – including removing nearly 2 million underperforming freelancers, and making an effort to accredit and boost the best talent – are making navigating the choice a little easier.

Hiring through Upwork

There are two different ways to find freelancers through Upwork. Browse the talent on offer manually or post a job and let available contractors respond. As with all the bigger Fiverr competitors, though, be prepared to receive a lot of offers.

Distinguishing itself from Fiverr, Upwork offers flexible options for paying your freelancers – in milestones, hourly, or in one lump sum. Be aware, however, that for every contract the site takes a cut of 20% for the first $500, 10% up to $10,000, and 5% after that.

Key Features

#3: PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is the UK’s answer to Fiverr and Upwork – a platform where you can buy any skill in pound sterling rather than dollars. If Fiverr’s USP is quick-turnaround projects with one-off payments, though, PPH has historically offered hourly contracts only. These days, things have changed – and different payment options are available.

Finding Freelancers on PeoplePerHour

Like Upwork, PPH offers a choice of ways to connect to freelancers. Browse talent by skill or post a project and wait for offers in response. The site claims to have 1.5 million freelancers of different skill sets. Yet, with no vetting process, it’s on you to identify the best talent.

Once you are connected, the platform has a unified dashboard that lets you manage, communicate with, and pay freelancers in a single space. However, PPH takes a cut of every transaction between you and a freelancer – although the more you hire, the smaller it is.

Key Features

#4: Freelancer

Another of the big-name freelancer platforms, Freelancer works in a similar way to Fiverr. However, with a massive 16 million freelancers listed, it offers a lot more choice – for better or for worse.

Expect a similar structure and process to Upwork and PPH, along with a similar diversity of talent available. Yet, there are some differences. For example, you can hire through contests, as well as through the traditional browse and request options. Or else, you can use a recruiter to find the best talent for you – which can be quite useful in cutting through the noise.

Hiring quality freelancers without these options can be taxing, however. Freelancer claims that 80% of jobs receive an offer in 60 seconds. Meanwhile, the bidding system encourages freelancers to offer the lowest price available. That could be good for your bottom line – but might not guarantee quality.

Key Features

#5 Worksome

Originally a freelancer site dedicated to IT specialists and consultants, the Danish platform, Worksome, offers specialist talent in a range of fields – from software developers to project managers. As a Fiverr alternative, though, technical expertise, rather than quick projects, is the name of the game. And the platform is geared towards long-term working relationships rather than one-off gigs too.

What to Expect from Worksome?

Worksome seeks to reduce the frustration of the recruitment process. Fill in a job brief and you’ll be connected with a selection of vetted contractors most appropriate to your role. Interestingly, while most freelance sites remain remote only, Worksome offers information on the freelancer’s location too – meaning that if you need on-site support, you can choose a local freelancer to help.

Different payment options, including hourly, monthly, and upon-completion payments make a range of relationships easier. Meanwhile, where Fiverr takes 20% of everything a freelancer earns, Worksome takes 4% – and there is no cost to the hiring company.

Key Features

Note: If you’re looking for top marketing talent to complement your technical team, Traktion is a free-to-use hiring platform for businesses. Access a pool of the world’s top 5% of digital marketing freelancers, and get matched with the perfect marketer to grow your business.

#6 Working Not Working

Working Not Working is a freelancer platform dedicated to creative talent. If Traktion connects businesses to marketers and growth professionals, Working Not Working helps to put you in touch with high-level creative designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, and videographers.

However, WNW works a little differently to budget freelancer platforms. Freelancers need to be invited and vetted by the community. This means only 10% of applicants are accepted

Connecting to Creative Talent on Working Not Working:

Where sites like Upwork and Fiverr take a cut of every payment to your freelancers, WNW charges a monthly subscription cost upfront. For the bigger companies – and some of the world’s biggest use the platform – this shouldn’t be a problem. However, smaller businesses might be put off.

Meanwhile, WNW uses both an algorithm and a board of advisors to determine which freelancers are most suited to your job. After you’re connected with talent, though, you are on your own. There is no job management dashboard, and, unlike Upwork, Fiverr, and PPH, WNW doesn’t provide payment security.

Key Features

#7 TopTal

A bit like Worksome, TopTal specialises in putting businesses in touch with technical talent from designers to finance experts – on-site or remotely. Every freelancer they host is vetted through a five-part process, including skills assessments, interviews, and a test project – meaning that they only hire the best talent around. Only 3% of applicants are accepted onto the platform.

Working with Freelancers on TopTal:

Just like Traktion, TopTal avoids the potential difficulties of trawling through talent yourself. Rather, fill in a brief and the site will connect you with a freelancer that matches your technical needs. If the relationship doesn’t work out, though, the trial period gives a bit of security – meaning that you won’t be charged if things don’t go to plan.

Key Features

Alternative to Platforms: Finding Freelancers on Social Media

Not all of the best freelancers use talent marketplaces. Meanwhile, Fiverr and its alternatives are not always the best options to suit a business’s hiring needs. In fact, there are plenty of other channels available through which it’s possible to connect with freelance talent.

Social media is one of these ways to connect with freelancers. Obviously, you do not have many of the perks of freelancer sites – including payment protection, say, or the user-friendly search infrastructure. However, by giving you access to known freelancers in your network, and by offering a chance for a broader relationship beyond the strictly professional, social media have many of their own perks, too.

Here are three options that might make your hunt for freelance talent that little bit easier.

#8 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an endless resource for professionals – and it can be a great way to connect with a freelancer. The scale of the site is huge: over a quarter of Americans use LinkedIn, while there are over 600 million users worldwide. This gives you a lot of choice, and usually you can see recommendations or connections that will vouch for their professionalism.

And on sites like Fiverr, a freelancer’s portfolio is limited to projects completed on Fiverr itself. On LinkedIn, though, you can see someone’s entire employment history – so that you really know what you’re getting.

#9 Twitter

While LinkedIn is the natural go-to professional site, Twitter shouldn’t be underestimated as a place to find and connect with freelance talent either. Twitter rewards the active, long-term user. Rather than signing up and approaching a freelancer cold, you should be actively involved in the platform before any commercial relationship can be easily established. 

Using Twitter allows you to reach freelancers and individuals who you might not usually find on sites like Fiverr. And it shows you a broader and more personal side to them, too.

#10 Slack and WhatsApp Channels

A final option often remains hidden from hiring companies. However, there is a whole ecosystem of freelancer networks that spreads its roots through communication tools like WhatsApp and Slack. Simply enough, these channels are where many freelancers hang out – and they can offer a much less mercenary alternative to environments like Fiverr.

The trick is to find the right channels. In many cases, these are easily discovered online – as many even have their own websites or social media channels. Otherwise, you may need to be invited.

What’s great about connecting with freelancers through these channels is that things can be much more casual than through conventional hiring methods. On the downside, though, you might need to put in more time to get your reward.

Conclusion: What are the Best Fiverr Alternatives?

These days, Fiverr needn’t still be your first choice when it comes to sourcing freelancer talent online. Rather, with new platforms dedicated to niche talent – from creatives to technical specialists – there are options available that make it easier for businesses to find the specific skills they need.

Meanwhile, many Fiverr alternatives deploy rigorous screening methods on all their freelancers, meaning that you can be sure you are getting the best options around. That’s exactly what we do at Traktion, by vetting every freelancer on our platform. If it’s world-class digital marketing talent that you’re seeking, there’s no place better. And it’s free to use for hiring businesses, too. 

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