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7 Strategies To Optimise Your Facebook Ads For Conversions

February 25, 2020
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Facebook Ads is one of the critical channels of growth for startups and businesses.

If you feel that your ad reach and conversion for your Facebook ad campaigns are not up to mark, Traktion has compiled this guide, "7 Strategies To Optimise Your Facebook Ads For Conversions", so you can improve your digital marketing campaigns. Also, use this as a checklist when hiring your digital marketing freelancer to ensure that your Facebook ads marketer has these core basics in place.

This blog article focuses on strategies to improve your conversion rates for Facebook Ads.  A conversion is defined as an 'event" when an individual goes from being an observer of your ads to a (potential) customer. For example, your freelance/in-house digital marketer might define a conversion event as "Customer Add To Cart" (when a customer has added an item to your cart), or "Customer Purchase" (when a customer has purchased an item and completed check-out). 

Good freelance digital marketers and agencies track conversion rates diligently to analyse and iterate upon their Facebook Ads strategy. A higher conversion rate is a good indicator of your marketing success, and in turn, a stronger ROI (Return on Investment). For this reason, conversions are a top priority for freelance Facebook marketers across the globe. 

In this article, we will outline 7 effective strategies to optimise your Facebook ads for better conversion rates and ROI.

1. Optimise your ad sets for on user devices

As are likely to perform quite differently on the desktop and across mobile user devices. Your ad setup should be specific to the device your ad will be displayed on. Using separate ad setups for mobile phones and desktop is a more efficient way of optimising your ads, conversions, and bid on Facebook. 

Device targeting can be effortlessly optimised to your marketing needs, especially if you are using Facebook’s Power Editor feature. You can select the target device from the Ad Set Menu, and you're good to go.  Ensure that your Facebook ads marketer takes note of user devices when planning for your ad campaigns. 

2. Define your conversion events with clarity

It would be best if your Facebook marketer has a clear understanding of what actions you want your customers to adopt after looking at your ads. 

Facebook offers a variety of conversion options, including 'view content,' 'add to wish list,' 'check-out,' and 'purchase.' 

Custom conversions let you create rules for events or URLs. When you create these rules, you can measure more specific customer actions. (Source: Facebook)

A single ad cannot fulfill all your conversion goals, hence the need for your business and your Facebook marketer to create custom conversions events relevant to your business aims, and target your ads accordingly.

3. Improve your ad’s landing page or destination

After defining your marketing ads conversion events, you need to make sure that your landing pages for your Facebook ads are optimised for the target audience as well. 

If you are advertising a SaaS product, ensure that your landing page has a clear call-to-action (CTA). If you are selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) products, ensure that your Facebook ads points directly to the product page of the item that you're advertising. Your landing page should deliver the context of your ad. You wouldn’t want your customer looking for shirts on a shoe product page. Consistency is key. 

Head to your Events Manager, and create a Pixel as seen above (Source: Facebook)

After you have identified your ad’s destination, implement a Facebook Pixel code on the landing page to track any conversion events taking place. Work with your digital marketer to ensure that your Facebook pixels are set up, so you can track data for your ads. Here's how to install your Facebook pixel.

Due to disintermediation, many consumers now also prefer to use their smartphones to purchase products online, so ensure that your landing pages are mobile-optimised as well.

4. Use visually-compelling designs and images

The way your Facebook ads look much influences how successful your ad conversion rate is going to be. 

It only takes a couple of seconds for a potential customer to decide their next course of action after looking at your Facebook ad. Visually compelling ads are essential in giving that first impression of your brand. 

Ensure that your digital marketer uses high-resolution graphics on your ads or interactive videos/gifs in your ad, as movement attracts wider audiences rather than static images. 

Keep your ads minimalistic and A/B test different images, using the ones with can maximise your click-through and conversion rates.

5. Audience Segmentation can do wonders

Facebook Ads are all about learning and interests. 

Having a narrow audience means that Facebook will automatically assume that you want fewer people to look at your Facebook ads. This can significantly increase ad costs. Your digital marketer should group your target audience into different topics and create ad sets relevant to each topic. 

This segmentation of your target audience can optimise your ads based on their interests and needs, which is essential in driving potential customers and revenue. 

You can also tap into Lookalike Audiences as an effective, efficient way to connect with potential consumers who are alike to your original customer base. Create a source of audience, and Facebook will create Lookalike Audiences based on your existing niche.

Lookalike Audiences (Source: Facebook)

6. Incorporate a Call-to-Action (CTA) relevant for your business

As mentioned, your Call-to-Action (CTA) is critical. Facebook Ads allow you to decide your various CTAs. 

You can select from an array of "Call To Action" options for your customers, relevant for your specific business (Source: Facebook)

In the Ad Setup Menu, you can choose between Sign Up, Shop Now, Learn More and Download.

7. Carefully analyse your ads' performance for better insights

A thorough and critical analysis of your marketing efforts and your ad performance is essential to ensure that your marketing can be effectively optimised for higher traffic. This gives you clear insight into what worked and what didn’t. Together with your Facebook ads marketer, you can build your ad campaign for a sustainable reach and efficient conversion in this way. 

For important KPIs to watch out for in your ads, reach out blog on key performance indicators here.

In conclusion, although Facebook ads marketing can be considered a cheaper way to target bigger audiences, it still requires satisfactory planning and long-term investment like every other form of advertising. While we should not expect immediate results, we can continuously tweak and improve our Facebook ad campaigns for better outcomes, with continuous iteration over time. This will help you improve your conversions over time.

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