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4 Reasons Why AI is a Powerful Tool for Digital Marketers

October 22, 2019
3 Min Read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a discipline that makes machines behave more like humans. It’s a powerful tool which analyses a set of data, flags the errors and corrects results based on its previous inaccuracies. 

As businesses are increasing in both automation and personalisation, AI has gradually become a significant player in the marketing industry which allows businesses not only to enhance efficiency but make better marketing decisions. 


Better ads

Through machine learning, AI is able to automatically distinguish the top-performing ads in the A/B testing stage. AI recognises the best ad and continues to show it to the same audience to maximise revenue. It can also create a personalised ad for your business based on your desired marketing targets. 

For some AI-powered advertising platforms, check out these marketing tools, which can analyse your data faster and interpret results more accurately:

Sentiment analysis

Powered by machine learning, AI analyses data to understand a general opinion of a given subject, which brands can take advantage of if they want to establish trust with customers. 

For instance, you are about to launch an email marketing campaign but aren’t sure what to put on the subject title. AI streamlines the data gathering process by automatically showing you that certain words (or even emojis) will evoke the emotion of curiosity. As a result, you decide to incorporate these words into your copywriting to have a better open rate. 

In short, sentiment analysis can establish a level of trust with customers by predicting the marketing messages that will create the best reception. 

Accurate recommendations

An AI-powered recommendation system suggests relevant products and services based on a user’s previous behaviours. 

According to Netflix’s report, 80% of content happens through AI recommendation. By recommending relevant content to the recurring users, Netflix keeps the subscription cancellation rate at a low.

Pinterests also uses AI recommendations by analysing the objects inside the things you pin on your dashboard to recommend similar choices on your feed. 

Source: Business Insider

Overall, AI-powered recommendations provide value by giving better endorsements based on the products you’ve viewed before. 

Customer support optimisation 

Ever see those virtual assistants at the bottom of a web page? More companies are now using AI-powered chatbots, which allows companies to interact with customers 24/7. 

Think of a virtual assistant: Instead of analysing everything word per word, it makes predictions based on the entirety of what you’re saying. Each time it gives the wrong answer, it gets flagged by the bot, improving the quality of its answers as it goes along. 

AI is allowing businesses to manage their relationships better though creating a real-time customer service, giving a more positive reception of the brand for marketers to work with. 

AI image generators

AI will help designers, creatives and business owners to create images through AI image generators like Wepik. This type of tool also helps with retouching services, like removing backgrounds, inserting blur effects and inserting texts between objects,

In conclusion

With businesses increasingly seeing its potential, AI is creating a huge impact on the digital marketing space and will continue to provide value in the future. 

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